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Ba Qiu, originally named Hong Dong Bing, was born in 1947 in Taizhou, Jiangsu province. A painter of the Ministry of culture art market painting academy. He is serving as an assistant teacher at Lao Pu Studio of Beijing Rongbaozhai Academy of Painting and Executive Vice-President of North Zen Academy of Painting.


Works publication:

He published a novella Water Pond Is A Mirror(by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Publishing House), planned by China Poly VIP; he has published personal album Imagine of soul(by China youth publishing house), published personal prose works Dutch halberd floor notes(by Tianjin hundred flowers literature and art publishing house), he has also published more than 100 essays on local and provincial publications.


He is a painter of the Ministry of culture art marketpainting academy, painter works many times displayed at home and abroad, were collected by many institutes and collectors, many times auctioned by Hong Kong Poly, Hong Kong Garter, Beijing Poly Auction, Beijing Garter Auction, British Bonhams Auction.


Works exhibition and award: 

In 1997, he held solo landscape painting exhibition in Jiangsu art museum.

In Jan. of 2013, he joined North Zen academy Chinese bird and flower painting works exhibition tour——Taizhou first times.

In June of 2013, he held Menu——Rongbaozhai painting academy Laopu studio teaching assistant Ba Qiu works solo exhibition.

In July of 2013, he joined Chinese bird and flower painting——North Zen academy painting tour exhibition, the second times.

On 11th Nov. 2013,  participated in Opening Exhibition of Songzhuang Branch of North Zen Academy of Painting and Works Exhibition of North Zen Academy of Painting.

On 18th Nov. 2013,  participated in Chinese Bird-And-Flower Painting Tour Exhibition of North Zen Academy of Painting in Weixian, Heibei province.

In Jan. of 2014,  held Image of Soul –Ba Qiu Chinese Painting Solo Exhibition at Beijing Da Qian Gallery.

In April of 2014,  participated in New Ink Wash Paintings Quaternion Exhibition which was held by Art Market Gallery of China Media Group and 4th Chinese Painting Festival in Weifang.

In June of 2014,  participated in “China Visual” InterContinental Travel Contemporary Ink Wash Painting Exhibition in Tokyo which was organized by Ministry of Culture.

From 29th May 2014 to 1st June 2014,  “Ba Qiu—Image of Soul” Theme Exhibition held by Portrait Poly VIP Department during Poly Spring Auctions at National Agriculture Exhibition Hall.

From 23rd Sep.2014 to 29th Sep.2014,  held “Ba Qiu—Image of Soul”  Solo Exhibition at Guan Xiang Art Center in Taiwan.

On 27th Mar.2015, participated in “Homeland, Fragrant Soil” Lao Pu, Ba Qiu and Wang Yifeng Joint Exhibition at Xiamen Zhang Xiong Academy of Painting and Calligraphy.  

On 14th April 2015, participated in Love China Love Macau· Famous Artists’ Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

From 18th April 2015 to 30th April 2015, held Jiu Meng Jiang Nan Ba Qiu Literary and Painting Works Solo Exhibition at Beijing 798 Exclamation Mark Art Center.

On 9th May 2015, participated in Color Ink China· Art Feast-100 National Famous Painters and Calligraphers Invitational Exhibition.

On 18th June 2015, participated in the 1st session Jiangsu province art fairs

On 19th Sep.2015, participated in the 1st session Chinese (Guangrao) painting and calligraphy art fairs.

On 19th Sep.2015, participated in Chinese painting famous good quality invitation exhibition, hosted by Beijing Taiwenlou art gallery.

On 28th Sep.2015, participated in Dream In Dan Qing national Chinese painting and calligraphy famous invitation exhibition.

On 13th Nov.2015, participated in Xiamen cross strait painting and calligraphy exhibition.

On 28th May 2016, participated in heritage of brush and inknational tour exhibition (Beijing station).

On 6th June 2016, participated in The party flag flying on the long march road——Chinese painting famous invitation exhibition

On 11th June2016, participated in the 3rd session French Cannes Chinese literature and art festival preview exhibition in Beijing.

On 9th July2016, to French participated in the 3rd session French Cannes Chinese literature and art festival painting and calligraphy exhibition and awarded art outstanding award and certificate of honor which grant by Mayor of Cannes.

On 20th Aug.2016, participated in“the belt and road initiatives” national larger painting and calligraphy famous invitation exhibition.

On 27th Aug.2016, participated in 2016 Great Beauty Great Harmony the first session Chinese painting famous works joint exhibition.

On 28th Aug.2016, successfully held Homeland .nostalgia——Ba Qiu Chinese painting works exhibition in Ministry of Culture art market gallery which hosted by Chinese culture promotion.

On 2nd Sep.2016, participated in 2016 China international culture art fairs painting and calligraphy exhibition.

On 10th Sep.2016, participated in the 3rd session Cannes Chinese culture and art festival painting and calligraphy exhibition award-winning works inland tour exhibition.

On 21stSep.2016, participated in Han Mo Le An——2016 China (Guangrao) the 2nd session Chinese painting famous invitation exhibition.


Contact way:

Email: 940867306@qq.com





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