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Lin Liangfeng, also known as YuanMing, was born in 1962 in Xiamen. He graduated from Fujian Arts and Crafts School in1981 and taught in Fujian Arts and Crafts School and Academy of Arts and Crafts of Fuzhou University from 1981 to 2003. He studied with the famous artist Mr. Zhang Xiaohan and is good at Chinese landscape painting and Taoist and Buddhist figure painting.

In 1994, Lin Liangfeng established Xiamen South Putuo Temple Charity Foundation together with the Great Monk Miao Zhan. In 1998, he also established Xiamen Zhang Xiaohan Art Institute together with another artist Mr. Qiu Xiangrui. He is a member of Chinese Artists Association, the President of Xiamen Zhang Xiaohan Art Institute,  the President of Chinese Landscape Painting Committee of Xiamen Artists Association, the Assistant Secretary-General of Landscape Painting Art Committee of Fujian Artists Association, a painter of Xiamen Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, the distinguished painter of Fuzhou Academy of Painting and the Vice-President of Xiamen Master Hong Yi Research Institute. He used to hold individual exhibitions in Nanping, Fuzhou and Xiamen. Published works include Lin Liangfengs Ink Wash Paintings, Lin Liangfengs Artwork, Sketches of Buddhist Sites, Artists Album of Chinese Artists Association Lin Liang Feng, Ink Wash in New Centur by Lin Liangfeng published by Beijing Rong Bao Zhai Publishing House, Eighteen Arhats by Lin Liangfeng published by Xiling Seal Arts Society Publishing House, Bodhisattva published by Shanghai  People′s Publishing House.


Exhibitions and Awards:

1st National Contemporary Chinese Landscape Paintings Invitation Exhibition

2nd Contemporary Chinese Landscape Paintings Exhibition (Award of Excellence)

4th Contemporary Chinese Landscape Paintings Exhibition (Award of Innovation, Award of Excellence)

1st Contemporary Chinese Paintings Exhibition

1st National Youth Traditional Chinese Painters’ Art Exhibition (Third Prize)

2nd Asia Ink Paintings Exhibition

2nd Chinese Artists Academic Show

National Chinese Paintings Exhibition 2002 (Award of Excellence)

17th Exhibition of New Artists and New Artworks of Chinese Artists Association

Famous Contemporary Chinese Artists Masterpieces Exhibition 2006

11th Dadun Art Exhibition in Taichung, Taiwan

National Chinese Painting Masters Invitational Exhibition

Fujian Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition



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