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Li Yumin, born in 1961 in Zhangzhou, Fujian.

Titles: Dean, PhD, Professor and Master Supervisor of College of Fine Arts of Fujian Normal University, member of Chinese Artists Association, leader of Fine Arts Class A Doctoral Program, leader of Art Theory Class A Doctoral Program, leader of the moving station of Fine Arts Class A Post-Doctoral Program, leader of Art Master Program, judge of 100 National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations, member of Advisor Committee of Chinese Art Master Degree, Deputy Director Of Protection And Research Center Of Intangible Cultural Heritage Of Fujian Normal University, member of Experts Board of China· Southern Fujian  Cultural Ecosystem Experimental Zone, Director of Theory Committee of Fujian Artists Association, declaration and evaluation expert of Fujian Intangible Cultural Heritage Conservation Programs and Inheritors.


Undertook National Art and Science Research Project:   1 item

The Origin And Evolvement Of Fujian And Taiwan Folk Art


National Social Science Ninth Five-Year Plan Key Projects, Twelfth Five-Year Plan National Key Book Publishing Projects: 2 items

A Complete Collection Chinese Design Art—Folk Fine Arts Volume

Study On Cross-Strait Folk Arts 


Fujian Social Science Research Projects: 5 items

Protection and Research on Fujian and Taiwan Intangible Cultural Heritage (key project)

Protection and Research on Southern Fujian Cultural Ecosystem

Comparative Study of Fujian and Taiwan Folk Fine Arts

Research On Themes Expression Of Contemporary Art And Resources Application Of Traditional Culture


Key Social Science Research Project by Fujian Department of Education: 1 item

Survey On Fujian and Taiwan Folk Artists


Comprehensive survey and research on Cross-Strait folklores by the method of subjects intersection fill the blank of related research fields of Fujian and Taiwan folk arts.

In addition, Professor Li Yumin published seven individual monographs, including Fujian And Taiwan Folk Fine Arts, Folk Crafts In Southern Fujian, Contemporary Art And Local Culture and Words Context—On Contemporary Fine Arts. These monographs make deep research and explication on how to explore and apply local cultural resources under globalization from his individual stance and experience and lay down solid theory foundation for study on Fujian and Taiwan folk fine arts.   

In 2011, his monograph Fujian And Taiwan Folk Fine Arts won the second prize of 9th Outstanding Achievement Award Of Philosophy And Social Science In Fujian which was issued by Fujian provincial government; oil painting Fujian River won the second prize of Fujian Baihua Literary and Art Award; Chinese Wooden New Year Paintings Album –Zhangzhou Volume coauthored by Li Yumin and Wang Xiaoge won Special Award Of Merit and Contribution Award of Rescue and Protection of Chinese Wooden New Year Paintings of Ministry of Culture.

His individual master course Art and Culture was awarded High Quality Master Course in Fujian by Fujian Department of Education.

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