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 Yang Haoshi, was born in 1943 in Shima town, Longhai city, Fujian province. He graduated from Department of Fine Arts of Fujian Normal University in 1967. He was transferred to Department of Fine Arts of Xiamen University for teaching from Longhai Cultural Center in 1984. From 1987 to 1989, he further studied in teaching assistants class in Department of Oil Painting of Central Academy of Fine Arts. since 1984 he has been teaching in Department of Fine Arts of Xiamen University and engaged in teaching and creation of oil painting  all the time.  He is a professor  and postgraduate supervisor of Department of Fine Arts of Xiamen University, member of Chinese Artists Association and Chinese Oil Painting Society.  Previously, he was also Director of Department of Fine Arts of Xiamen University and Vice-President of Xiamen Artists Association.


Art achievements:

Oil painting Harvest Season of Sugarcane  selected for 5th National Art Exhibition and collected in Fujian Art Museum  in 1979;

Oil painting Camellia selected for 6th National Art Exhibition in 1984;

Oil painting Golden Template selected for 8th National Art Exhibition in 1994;

Oil painting Stone Beam selected for 9th National Art Exhibition, won the silver prize of 3rd Fujian Painting and Calligraphy Fair in 1999;

Oil painting Fishing Boats Returning to Macao Harbor selected for Welcome Back, Macau Chinese Art Exhibition in 1999;

Oil painting Happy Year selected for 60th Anniversary of Founding of CPC National Art Exhibition in 1981;

Oil painting Oath selected for 70th Anniversary of Founding of CPC National Art Exhibition, won the gold prize of 1st Fujian Painting and Calligraphy Fair and collected in Fujian Art Museum in 1991;

Oil painting A Quiet Day selected for 2nd Chinese Still Life Oil Painting Exhibition in 1997;

Oil painting Spring Scenery In the Alley No.1 selected for Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition in 2001;

Oil painting Affection For The Sea selected for 60th Anniversary of Yanan Forum on Literature and Art” National Art Exhibition (Fujian Session)  in 2002;

Oil painting Spring Scenery In the Alley No.2 selected for 3rd Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition (Fujian Session) in 2003;

Oil painting Sunny Maid won Award of Excellence(the only award) Fujian Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition in celebration of 60th Anniversary of founding of P.R.China in 2009;

Oil painting Spring Breeze In Xiaozha  won Award of Excellence (the only award) of On Silk Road---Fujian Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition and Fujian Session of 12th National Art Exhibition  in 2014.


His works have been selected for provincial and eastern regional art exhibitions in  China for many times.  Besides, his paintings and papers have also been published in national academic journals for many times.

In 1992, he held his first oil painting solo show in Taiwan. In 1995, he went to Maryland Institute College of Art to study and held art exhibition there.  His artwork have been exhibited in Japan and Taiwan for many times and collected by local collectors.  Publications include Oil Painting Collection of Yan Haoshi.

In addition to oil painting, Yang Haoshi also involves in traditional Chinese painting , watercolors, and comic strips and has made some achievements. He has published a large sketch comic book Treasure Of The CountrySong Chingling (in both Chinese and English version). Over recent years, he has made deep exploration into free-style traditional Chinese painting. From his works we can see his solid painting foundation as well as profound traditional art skill. His paintings are succinct, vivid and elegant and has a high value of appreciation. His traditional Chinese paintings have been exhibited in the province fro many times. His recent works has also participated in the 1st Fujian Free-Style Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition.



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